Who killed the Pig? Nobody!

A catering company we were working for took over the bar 'Who killed the Pig' in Gießen. In front of the bar, there was a pizza van, and opposite was a beach bar. Together, we transformed the bar into a continuously more sustainable day bar with a club, and the pizza van became an event truck called 'Nobody' (Who killed the Pig? Nobody!), exclusively offering vegan fun food, while refreshing the opposite side as a sun deck. Our services included sustainability consulting, strategic consulting, interior design consulting, branding for three separate yet interconnected brands, design for print and online materials, photography guidelines, social media consulting, and management, etc. Photography was handled by MEDIASHOTS, Gießen.

Our focus

In terms of sustainability, the project was realized following the MAYA principle: Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable. As advanced as possible, as acceptable as necessary. Since people make their decisions within the field of two opposing emotions, their Neophilia (the desire for the new; hence the ubiquitous advertising slogan: 'Now with a new recipe') and their Neophobia (the fear of the new), it is important to present them with products that surprise them but are somehow familiar. Or vice versa: products that are familiar to them but still offer surprises. In the context of gastronomy, this translates to designing concepts and offerings for the future while aligning them with the current needs of the guests.

Brand Benefit

Who killed the Pig manages to implement an increasingly sustainable gastronomic operation in a city where sustainable nutrition plays a negligible role. At the same time, Who killed the Pig, along with its sub-brands Nobody and Gegenüber, establishes itself as a local lifestyle brand.