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Fresh impulses

Branding Cuisine is committed to transforming the food industry. This transformation requires a solid knowledge foundation, an understanding of possible measures, competence in guiding the process through communication, and integrating the brand with sustainability.

In lectures and workshops, we convey content, provide inspiration, and motivate.

Read here about what we have to offer - and if you desire fresh impulses, feel free to ask us.

Balázs Tarsoly

Balázs Tarsoly was born in 1976 in Budapest, Hungary. He is married to a spirited Italian woman and has two daughters who fill his life with music, board game challenges, and constructive criticism.

After moving from Hungary, Balázs became the German Lightweight Quadruple Sculls Rowing Champion at a young age. He studied Communication Design in Wiesbaden and Los Angeles and worked as a designer in London. Balázs is the founder and CEO of Branding Cuisine, a creative agency specializing in food and sustainability. His work as a designer has been recognized with international design awards, including the Red Dot Communication Design Award and the IF Communication Design Award.

With his agency, he is the initiator and organizer of the World VerbEater Competition, an award for sustainable food and gastronomy concepts. He is the author of the book "CO2lution - Together. Changing the Climate. Now. / The Economics of Change" and writes articles on sustainability in gastronomy for gastronomic trade magazines. Balázs contributes to teaching as a lecturer at ecosign, Academy for Design, and IST Studieninstitut with lectures and workshops. He volunteers to support the Association for Bio-Cyclical-Vegan Cultivation e.V. As a creative, he feels responsible for using his designer thinking and understanding of food, branding, and sustainability to co-develop, advance, and accelerate the transition to a sustainable food industry and contribute to a future fit for future generations.

Lecture Topics / Motivational and Impulse Lectures:

• From paternalism to inspiration: How to implement a sustainable, climate-friendly nutrition in the workplace
• Is sustainability affordable? The three biggest levers of sustainable gastronomy and how to implement them
• How sustainable is local? What an authentically sustainable, local gastronomy offers - and what it doesn't
• Marketing strategies against (Climate) Greenwashing
• The nutrition revolution 2023-2028 - and why gastronomy plays the hero's role
• Climate change, the role of time, and the role of gastronomy
• Strategies for successfully implementing sustainability measures
• Understanding and achieving CO2 neutrality
... and on request

Workshop Topics:

• Integration of identity, sustainability, and design: sustainable alignment of gastronomic concepts
• Design that works: convincing in the food shelf
• Brand development in gastronomy
• Brand development in the food industry
• Optimization of your point of sale from a sales perspective
... and on request

Serena Carloni

My name is Serena Carloni, I was born in Bologna, Italy, in 1974, and I have been living in Germany for 20 years.

In my mid-thirties, after achieving everything that our society and belief system defines and expects as success, I embarked on a deep journey within myself and questioned everything.

This awakening process led me to make changes and become the person I truly am.

I am a Nutrition Coach and Nutrition Consultant.
I completed my training as a Nutrition Consultant at Paracelsus Berlin with Professor Dr. Med. Ralf Hilbert.

I am a certified Mediator and a member of the Federal Association of MEDIATION.
I completed my training as a Mediator at Fokus Institut with Rita Wawrzinek in Berlin.

I am a Coach.
In particular, I accompany and support parents, children, teenagers, and couples in gaining clarity about themselves and their situations. I completed my training in Parent Coaching, Child Coaching, and Relationship Coaching with Michal Berg (SFK - Los Angeles, California).

Lecture Topics:

• Healthy nutrition: what is it?
• Mindful eating
• Mindfulness in the workplace
• How my diet influences how well I work
... and on request