Branding Cuisine is a creative agency specializing in food and sustainability. We aim to empower sustainable food entrepreneurs to realize their pioneering vision. We apply our understanding of food, branding, and sustainability to system gastronomy, food products, company restaurants, the food retail industry, and not least, agriculture.


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For an ecological Food Print

The food sector contributes disproportionately to human-induced greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, a small percentage of the population eats healthily, and many diseases are diet-related. Too few sustainable concepts have reached the mainstream. Too often, people tinker with the effects rather than addressing the root causes. We want to change that.

Innovative and sustainable together

As a creative agency specializing in food, we bear responsibility. Ideally, we help brands succeed, turn ideas into reality, and influence society's eating habits. Therefore, our focus is not only on advising on branding, communication, and design for food and gastronomy concepts but also on sustainability. We love making brands visible, tangible, and effective in their entirety and meaningfulness for people and the environment. Working together innovatively and sustainably to support food entrepreneurs in realizing their vision is our motivation. Every day.

Taste always wins

To change habits with an idea, your product must convince in taste. Taste perception is not just about a great product; it's also a mental process influenced by stories, images, and ideas. To anchor these stories and images in the minds of your guests, we develop effective, sustainable brand communication - and if desired, we are happy to assist in optimizing your products.

Storytelling brings change

Habits originate from beliefs. Beliefs change through tangible information and positive experiences. Branding Cuisine helps sensibly convey your brand values at every touchpoint - from your kitchen staff to the plate in front of your guest or your product in the supermarket. Words paint pictures in people's minds - their purposeful choices in brand communication are a crucial building block for a sustainable future.

Fun, Fun, Fun

For us, our work is more than just a service with financial compensation. Everything we do, we do with enthusiasm. We have a blast with new ideas and their realization. We love thinking big and considering all the details in implementation. We are passionate about in-depth research and the opportunity to keep learning constantly. We do this every day, throughout our lives. That's why we love our work.


Working Together

Our customer relationships are long-term and based on partnership, lasting for many years. We aim to understand you and your concept so that we can act in the best possible way for you. Proximity to your restaurants and products is essential for us. We work flexibly, in your restaurants and markets, through video conferences, and in our agency. We are wherever we can be most beneficial to the outcome.