The Vetzgerei

The Vetzgerei is Germany's first organic plant-based butcher shop and aims to combine original taste and enjoyment with a contemporary, sustainable production method. With the goal of increasing the number of customers in the store, building local awareness and continuous demand, as well as ensuring a consistent utilization of the online shop, we optimized communication and customer guidance at the point of sale. Additionally, we developed seasonal and occasion-based campaigns, accompanied by press work and influencer collaborations.

Our focus

The focus of all measures: attracting more guests/customers in-store and online, increasing local and national awareness, and raising the average bill. In addition to communication measures, we supported the expansion and arrangement of the assortment on-site.

Brand Benefit

The initial successes of the measures are reflected in the numbers of footfall, revenue, and revenue per capita, confirming that the actions taken were well-suited. Event and product photography by Monika Zurek.