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Branding Cuisine is Europe's first and only creative agency specialized in food and sustainability.

We help food and gastronomy brands to be sustainably successful.

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Food for Change

Our diet is a major cause of climate change. Naturally, most people find it difficult to change their eating habits. Therefore, at Branding Cuisine, we are convinced that the shift towards more sustainability in our diet must first take place in the offerings of gastronomy and food retail. They are a key to change.

Branding Cuisine aims to support and make this shift towards more sustainability successful. Specifically, we help food and gastronomy brands to be more sustainable, develop a strong image for them, and equip them with effective sales tools.

About us

What We Achieve

Sustainable Setup

Sustainable Setup

Strong Image

Strong Image

More Guests or Customers

More Guests or Customers

Higher Revenue per Customer

Higher Revenue per Customer

Increased Frequency

Increased Frequency

Our Services

Branding for Change

Branding Cuisine develops and manages food and restaurant brands, as well as agricultural businesses that want to orient themselves towards sustainability or are already pioneering in this field. We are pragmatic idealists: We aim to reach many people in well-considered steps. We are looking for like-minded system restaurants, food brands, company canteens, and agricultural businesses that want to improve the world and be successful in doing so.

Brand strategy, consulting, and development are our great strengths. We offer everything that makes food and restaurant concepts strong brands: From corporate identity, storytelling, and design, sustainability communication, packaging, food and product photography, image videos, online communication, and sales campaigns.

Branding Cuisine Services

The Power of the Brand

Creating credibility and standing for quality

Conveying values and vision

Leading guests and customers to sustainable action

Implementing prices and increasing the value of the company

The Relevance of Branding

Be the change!

Why a branding agency at all? Branding is relevant because it creates resonance. People develop a relationship with brands, much like they do with each other. What we like is often very subjectively colored: influenced by stories, images, and ideas in our heads.

Food is identity, childhood memories, status. Branding Cuisine is fascinated by what moves people. We are very familiar with the sensitivity of the topic of nutrition. To advance sustainable food concepts, we develop measures in the food sector that help and bring joy to the guest or consumer.

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Menu development, branding, interior design, point-of-sale communication, social media communication, and sales and image campaigns for the launch of the vegetarian-vegan restaurant chain.



Without the food industry, the ecological turnaround will not be possible.

New book by Branding Cuisine CEO & CCO Balázs Tarsoly

'CO₂lution – Together. Change the climate. Now.' shows how consumers and entrepreneurs can make a significant contribution to tackling climate change. A focus of CO2lution is on the food industry. Balázs' thesis: The food industry should now seize its historic opportunity to become a key player in the ecological turnaround. To avoid uncontrollable effects of global warming, we only have a CO2 budget of less than 7 years. The impact of solutions in public discourse - such as renewable energies or planting trees - cannot unfold in this timeframe. However, since the food industry can become effective immediately and substantially, it is able to provide us with the necessary time to deal with climate change.

The turnaround book CO2lution consists of 'The CO(2)nsumocratic Manifesto' by Ralf Müller-Amenitsch and 'The Economy of Change' by Balázs Tarsoly. It has been Cradle to Cradle certified, produced climate-neutrally and with bio-vegan colors in Germany.


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