CloudEatery is a food tech company and virtual brand company that provides underutilized kitchen operators with an additional source of income and increased profitability. CloudEatery adds value to third-party delivery platforms, food wholesalers, and people looking to order delicious food.

As a culinary operation, CloudEatery serves various culinary styles from a central kitchen, each presented under an individual brand identity. For CloudEatery, we created the slogan, logo, corporate design, as well as print and online media. Furthermore, we developed the Culinary Brands of CloudEatery specifically for each menu offering – from the story, logo, and visual language to the strategy and tone in social media.

Our focus

Efficiency was the focal point of our work with CloudEatery. Instead of lengthy brand development, our goal was to create brands with a streamlined effort that exuded quality, authenticity, and persuasion. While crafting unique culinary brands, we consistently ensured the seamless integration of the overarching CloudEatery brand. This approach guarantees that each individual brand shines not only in its own right but also contributes to the strength of the CloudEatery brand.

Brand Benefit

The CloudEatery Culinary Brands enhance the individuality of each culinary offering, setting them apart from the crowd. By strategically integrating the parent brand into each sub-brand, CloudEatery benefits from a cohesive and trustworthy image that extends across all brands. This allows guests to forge a deeper connection with each culinary offering while simultaneously recognizing and appreciating the overarching promise of CloudEatery.