MOM'S TABLE is the winner of the WeltverbEsserer Competition 2019, Germany's first competition for sustainable restaurants. Branding Cuisine assists MOM'S TABLE in finding the right tone and visual language for its uncompromising stance on being organic, vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free.

Our focus

As part of the awarded World VerbEsserer package, Branding Cuisine conceptualized and developed brand sharpening in storytelling for MOM'S TABLE. MOM'S TABLE is positioned as the energizing Healthy Fast Casual Restaurant, with a focus on communicating the benefits of its offerings. The visual identity is simplified, and revenue-enhancing measures are implemented.

Brand Benefit

Simultaneously with the new communication, MOM'S TABLE transitioned from à la carte to a buffet format. This change in presentation and communication style is resonating with an increasing number of people. An update on the implemented communication measures were presented at the WeltverbEsserer-Wettbewerb 2020.