Eating helps! Branding Cuisine supports aveato catering in effectively communicating its flexible and efficient offering, positioning itself as an environmentally friendly catering leader. aveato represents the full event catering experience without the stress and costs.


Das Eventformat rē´kә-nĕkt hat eine visuelle Wiedergeburt zu einer Lifestylemarke erfahren. Durch die gleichzeitige Vereinfachung der Schreibweise zu re/connect ist auch die tägliche Handhabung für die aveato Mitarbeiter bequem. 


Our focus

The operationally well-established catering company understands the importance of packaging its content in the right communication format. The design refresh of the event catering line re/connect, the design of aveato's new flagship environmentally friendly fleet, or the image film for aveato's summer event catering offerings are essential lifestyle components to convince customers and partners of aveato and convey an innovative image.

Brand Benefit

The customer buys the overall experience: Branding Cuisine is pleased to be able to provide important impulses on the design and communication side for aveato's attractive offering. In doing so, we anchor the image of an innovative and sustainable catering company with customers and partners.