Feel Good Nomads

Go wild – feel good! For Feel Good Nomads, we developed the brand concept, corporate identity, employer branding, visual appearance, and brand communication. We also provided consultancy on the food concept and interior design of the healthy & casual deli concept.

Our focus

Feel Good Nomads is located in the House of Tribes, inspired by nomadic tribes, within the Garden Towers workplace concept. Our focus was to create an urban oasis of informality that caters to people's needs through offerings, branding, and communication: providing quick, easy, healthy, and wholesome food, bringing them closer to nature, and contributing to the environment's well-being.

Brand Benefit

Feel Good Nomads has adopted a minimalist yet strikingly contemporary urban presence, complemented by over 1,000 plants in the location, creating a unique atmosphere and providing a daily retreat for business guests. The concept aligns with our self-imposed goal of being highly sustainable without compromising on the guest experience.