With a new appearance, we helped BUMB JUNIOR to position themselves at the forefront of the catering market and accompany them in their focus on sustainable catering and location setup. The family-owned business with the mission 'A thousand guests. And each one is a king.' stands for creativity in planning and precision in event execution – and for increasingly sustainable practices in catering.

Our focus

At first, the focus was on the linguistic and visual staging of the refined positioning. We placed the highest value on a clear, minimalistic yet emotional design and a linguistic quality in detail that conveys BUMB JUNIOR as approachable, personable, and highly professional. We apply this combination of professionalism and ease in our storytelling for sustainability communication, as seen in the 'BetterBecher campaign.

Brand Benefit

When you fundamentally change a logo after over 20 years, not all reactions can be predicted. BUMB JUNIOR is delighted with the consistently positive reception of the new appearance. The food photography and event documentation by Branding Cuisine convey the highest quality of BUMB JUNIOR. The sustainability communication is fresh and honest, meeting people where they are.