Branding Cuisine led the project launch of a convenience line for BIO COMPANY. BIO COMPANY is the Berlin-based organic supermarket with 60 stores in Northern Germany. Branding Cuisine managed the project and provided end-to-end services, including product development, branding, and point-of-sale communication: project management, food concept, food development, creative direction, naming and brand development, packaging design, and point-of-sale communication.

Our focus

In response to the demand for healthy, light, wholesome, and ecological fast-food options, BIO COMPANY approached Branding Cuisine to realize this project. Branding Cuisine developed the food concept and enlisted Giulia Raw Chef for recipe development. Together with her, we conducted the tasting phases of the project. To establish a clear market role for the product line and create the foundation for boosting sales, we created the brand 'Take it Easy.' Food photography, packaging, and point-of-sale communication resulted in a cohesive appearance that positions 'eco' as a contemporary, hip lifestyle.

Brand Benefit

BIO COMPANY has received a complete, delicious, vegan convenience line that is healthy and innovative, not only meeting but exceeding urban dietary needs. The eye-catching brand 'Take it Easy' appeals to both the environmentally conscious and the lifestyle-focused audience. With this portfolio expansion, BIO COMPANY fills a gap in its offerings and positions itself as a leader in its market category.