In collaboration with VeggyGO, our aim was to achieve a common goal: to make access to sustainable food easier for everyone. It was an honor for us to support VeggyGO comprehensively, from menu development to branding, interior design, point-of-sale communication, social media communication, and the development of sales and image campaigns. VeggyGO combines excellent taste, easy accessibility, inviting ambiance, and fair prices into a contemporary culinary brand. We love projects that enrich us not only professionally but also personally.

Our Focus

When we had the opportunity to work with VeggyGO – with its first opening in Aachen, a city without purely vegan restaurants – we saw not only a market gap but also the opportunity for change. In developing the brand identity, we aimed to strike a balance between approachability and a striking, vibrant presentation. We crafted a story for the Street Food Eatery that exudes a carefree vibe and serves as a guiding principle for all communication. Our approach is geared towards inspiring and accompanying guests on their journey towards more sustainable consumption, convincing them through taste and experience.
The food photography and videography were done in collaboration with crumbs food studios in Potsdam.

Brand Benefit

With VeggyGO, we've created a brand that brings sustainability and plant-based eating into the mainstream. Our communication is vibrant and inviting, designed especially to resonate with those who have been less engaged with sustainable consumption in the past. VeggyGO demonstrates that sustainable enjoyment and joy in living can go hand in hand, and the brand benefits from its broad appeal to a wide range of guests.